What Our Customers Have Said

“3 quotes today? Ed you’re on fire. I’m thinking of firing my AdWords team with immediate effect!” Jerry at Cleans360 (bringing in daily cleaning work for him)

“Ed, I’d recommend you guys to anyone.” Richard from Galaxy Interiors.

“Absolutely made up with the site. Recommending you to my electrician friend as we speak.” Tom from TH Tree Surgery.

3 Quick Reasons to Choose Affect

  • 1

    You’re probably here to increase your revenue. Aren’t we all! Well, we’re making a decent living increasing people’s revenue. New clients cautiously give us a little bit of money… Then we transform that little into a lot of money! Then they quickly throw more money at us.

  • 2

    Here’s what works online. Getting eyes to your website/advert. Getting the right eyes to your website/advert. Making those eyes want to take action (call/buy). That’s it. You WILL be lacking in at least one of these three areas. We’ll make you money by sorting out all three areas.

  • 3

    We really mean it when we say “we only do what works”. This can be anything. Every business and its market are different. So, every business we work with requires its own strategy to generate the most revenue. Sometimes it’s a basic website, sometimes it’s a whole marketing and branding campaign. We’ll simply only do what works.

We won’t lie to you. We want to get ahead in life and make money like you.

Another truth: if we make you lots of money, there will be no shortage for us.

There’s only two of us but we’re working for our clients 7 (seems like 8) days a week to get massive results.

If you’re looking for massive results; reach out. It’s what we’re looking for too.


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